Dyno Tuning
Mud Motorsports
2086 Burton Lane
Martinsville, IN

Service Description

We are a equipped with the Newest Dynamometer Technology Dynojet has to offer, The 250ix Dyno.  Which includes the Most up to date Air/fuel ratio monitor.  

1 Run starting at $55
This is for a person just wondering what they have, and is Great for a Baseline when doing a lot of Engine work.

3 Runs starting at $125
3 runs best fits Jetting applications,  We can normally get a machine jetted within this 3 Run Window.

4 Hours Dyno Rental starting at $300
4 Hours gets get a Dyno operator, Dyno, and any help we can offer for that 4 hours

These are just starting points, We will Happily Tailor a run package for your needs.